In excess of 80% of businesses that experience a serious fire never recover and, in an ever-changing world, as technology rapidly advances, providing constantly monitored, effective, reliable fire and security systems can pose a real challenge. Even the most minor criminal intrusion can cost tens of thousands of pounds, loss of business confidence, wide-spread damage and non-productive time at the very moment when businesses need to be as competitive and sharp as possible to survive. Drawing on our years of experience in the industry Stroud Alarms can offer proven solutions to protect your critical assets, staff, clients and reputation whilst keeping costs within your budget at all times but never compromising the effectiveness of any installation.

We offer a broad, human approach with a wider view to securing critical assets, resulting in 360 degree protection and importantly, complete and continuous compliance with all statutory regulations. You are only as secure as your weakest point and our initial, professional examination of the overall picture highlights, mitigates, restructures or eliminates any weak points, giving you complete confidence in our installation and after-sales service.

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