Public Fire and Security

From Hospitals to Arenas, Museums to Schools, Local Government Offices to Libraries, high volumes of visitors and staff mean that inevitably risk is everywhere. Risks include fire, theft and damage. Authorities are obliged to provide an elevated level of protection and are legally bound to ensure that the safety of workers and visitors is paramount every hour of the day whilst still maintaining a high level of access and security. Each building poses a unique set of problems which our highly experienced staff will be able to identify and then devise a suitable system which will monitor every area at all times, whether occupied or empty.

To ensure continual compliance with statutory legislation we will regularly review all proposed changes to the current laws so that we can advise you, in advance, of any changes which you will be legally required to conform to. The efficient and safe running of any public building requires a huge amount of awareness and the ability to quickly deal with any problems….our modern, refined systems will move a large proportion of this responsibility onto the broad shoulders of Stroud Alarms’ highly experienced staff.

At Stroud Alarms the whole of our ethos is based on treating each client uniquely and exclusively by solving any problems with our one-stop shop philosophy where we shoulder all the responsibility leaving you free to liaise with us at every stage. We guarantee no surprises only professional results.

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