Hospitals and Surgeries

Often staff have to deal with patients who can be violent due to trauma, psychological and drink-related circumstances. Staff and patients need to be confident that help can be at hand quickly.

It is unreasonable to have each member of staff ‘shadowed’ by a security guard but using the latest alert systems we can ensure that 24/7 protection is a call away. Experienced staff from Stroud Alarms can assess each unit and present a comprehensive plan to protect your property, staff and patients form unplanned events such as fire or civil disruption. Being a local company we can tailor each solution to fit specific problems and budgets whilst never compromising the efficiency of each uniquely designed system.

Although using just a generic name we realise that each Hospital is a unique client with distinctive problems and spare time is at a premium. Using our one-stop service we can take the responsibility and deal with all the minor problems which might occur whilst keeping you ‘in the picture’ at each step. Our fully trained and experienced staff will work around your urgent schedules and you can be assured that all our staff will be fully compliant with any specialist safety suiting requirements and patient confidentiality.

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