The safety of staff, pupils and assets is more than just a few cameras and alarms; it is about planning, targeted installation and collaborating. Fire, vandalism and theft can cripple the daily service which a school is legally bound to deliver and the occurrence of any one item or a mixture of them can be devastating both financially and psychologically. After our expert risk assessment we will design a system which will cover every risk, real or perceived. We use our 24/7 monitoring system to guarantee safety, awareness and resolution with the minimum of disruption and cost.

As a local company we pride ourselves on quick coordination and communication - Assessment: ascertain the incident to quickly assess the scope and measure of response – Preparation; consultation with senior staff to ensure full awareness of incident reaction plans – Inhibit; measures introduced to safeguard staff, pupils and assets by elimination or mitigation of conceivable risks – Discovery; our service providing instant notification of incidents allowing us to formulate an prompt and appropriate response.

Whether for fire safety, intruder alarms or solid barriers, Stroud Alarms will project manage the whole of your requirements and deliver your design exactly as specified, on budget and on time. We work to your schedule by being a one-stop solution whereby each facet of the design is managed and delivered by us whilst keeping you fully informed at every stage.

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