Every home is different in shape, size and contents but each one is a potential target for the opportunistic or professional burglar during the day or night. A home with no external lighting, no sign of occupancy or without a burglar alarm is the most attractive proposition to the thief and the greatest risk to you. We can advise, design and unobtrusively install a cost-effective system that will protect your property at all times yet will still let your pets wander in and out at will. Each of our systems is easy to operate and can be monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre which ismanned 24hrs a day. Alerts can be sent to your telephone, by a speech dialler as recorded message or a named keyholder can be contacted directly on their mobile.

Official fire statistics from 2010-2011 indicate that the Fire Services attended 45000 dwelling fires which, apart from causing significant material loss, resulted in 268 deaths. Accredited to BAFE SP203, as requiredby most insurance companies and promoted by the Fire Brigades, Stroud Alarms has years of experience in recommending and installing the best system for your needs andour professional team will ensure that the system is regularly serviced to guarantee that it is in prime condition to ensure you and your family’s safety.

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